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Lil update/ hello from me, Lacie, January 2024:  Hi there, and welcome to my testimonials page. Most of what you see here are 100% unsolicited gratitudes and praises I get via text, email, thank you cards, and spoken words. I know how valuable it is to have trustworthy reviews when you’re seeking help and how vulnerable it is to put your faith in a stranger, especially when it comes to your kid.  So while I’m not great at asking for reviews or making cool videos or surveys and interviews on a pretty webpage, I will continue to  collect and share reviews by updating this page from time to time. 

I also have plenty of wowed present and former clients who are happy to connect by phone or email with you if you’re shopping around.  And I have a very discerning intake process where we both get to learn a lot and feel out Dream Fit before committing longer-term.  (Email me to learn more: lacie(at)mathforkeeps(dot)com).

AND… this is all just with respect to *qualitative* reviews of Math For Keeps.  The Assessment and Reassessment piece of a MFK program tells us about the *quantitative* progress each learner makes.  If we’re a good fit, this program works where many others do not. Both qualitative and quantitative check-ins are critical and affect each other deeply. We do both, regularly. 

Thanks, and here’s to affirmative, empowering, sweet-spot, TO-MASTERY practicing this year.

~Lacie, January 5, 2024

Here are what some of our past clients have to say about us:

“Ok, perfect time to tell you this- we were going around the thanksgiving table and we each had to share an experience that has changed us this year… Noah said YOU! Noah is a different kid bc of you… it truly has been a joy to watch him get off the call with you and light up!
I don’t have enough words or adjectives to describe the feeling I am having… I have cried so many happy tears since we met you. Noah says you have “ignited in him a real enjoyment of math!” From the bottom of my heart…THANK YOU! 🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️”  – Alicia Golinghorst (mom of Noah, 6th grade)


Leela and I worked on her multiplication assignment this morning and she beat her score from Monday by five seconds.  I saw a look on her face that I’ve never seen before.  That look of personal pride someone has when they’ve achieved something that had eluded them their entire life.  She literally just sat there and stared at the sheet for several seconds.  I saw the look of relief as she shrug that monkey off her back.  I could see in her eyes she was thinking, “I did it.”  It was absolutely amazing.  She didn’t gloat, nor did she seek validation from me.  It was her own personal victory.  I don’t think I’ve ever been as happy for her as I was this morning.

I’m not sure what you do, nor how you do it, but it’s working.  I wish you were around when I was her age and struggling with the same problem.  Thank you very much.”

-Jaime Gomez, parent of 8th grader


“Our son needed to shore up some of his math skills in order to proceed with confidence and comfort into Geometry and Algebra II. Lacie provided that and so much more. The Math For Keeps approach was exactly what our son needed. I cannot begin to say how grateful to Lacie we are as a family for her work in making math accessible, interesting, and enjoyable for our son again.”
Jason S.


“My son was struggling with his multiplication tables. He’s in 4th grade and they were quickly moving onto division. If he didn’t have his multiplication facts mastered he was going to be left behind. He needed support in a big way. I found Math for Keeps and we attended a Math Number Talk. Lacie, the owner, described the program and assessed my son to see where he was. We decided to enroll him with Lacie in the 21 session program. Holy cow! He has a week to go and he’s caught up with the rest of his class. Not only have his grades improved but his confidence has improved as well. My other son is now enrolled and will start next week! This is a great program! One I wish I had discovered long ago.”
– Jennifer W. 


“My two daughters took an intensive summer session with Lacie in Math for Keeps.  Both of my girls were 2-3 years behind when they started.  My younger daughter hated math, and said she just didn’t “get it.”  Now, she wants to be a math teacher.  Lacie worked wonders with them – enthusiastically, creatively, and with much patience.  She continued to work with my older daughter for another semester, and both are caught up now.  I don’t know where we would be without Lacie.  Her system is brilliant, and it works.”
– Willis M. 


“Lacie Taylor, founder of Math For Keeps, has worked with all three of our children. One child needed to catch up and the other two wanted additional challenges beyond their grade level. Lacie and her instructors (travel tutors) are extremely knowledgable, patient, and flexible with their schedules (we did Sunday evening sessions). The Math For Keeps methodology relies on student accountability and mastery of content, not a band-aid approach.  Our children always looked forward to their sessions and walked away with improved confidence and math skills. After trying other well known programs that barely helped, the individual attention from MFK refocused their attention on the rules and processes of math. We will never use another math program, we’re all in!”
– Denise K. 


“My 8th grade daughter has been working with Lacie for about 16 weeks of tutoring and is showing much improvement with her math skills.  Her homework does not take her as long and she is acing the skill areas that she has covered with Lacie.  She also recently helped to teach a concept to her friend who was struggling with it.  This is quite a change from her own math struggles last year!.  Lacie is professional but also very down to earth and easy to talk to and understand.  My daughter feels very comfortable working with her.”
– Bridget E. 


“Hi Lacie!
You taught me Saxon Algebra 2 two summers ago. I just wanted to thank you, as your teachings lead me to understand math better than I ever had before. It carried me through Pre-Calculus last year, which I got a 4.0 in, and has lasted through this year, where I have an A in math and am planning to take the Calculus AB AP. I never thought math was my strong suit, but beginning with your help, I began to realize that math is something that I am not only good at, but something I enjoy. I am now also very interested in becoming an Engineer, which I will start pursuing with internships next year (my junior year).
Thanks again,
– Ella Allenbeck, high school sophomore, did MFK as an 8th grader


Thank you for forwarding on your new website. I wish you all the best in your work. You certainly were a Godsend when we needed you to help Ella get through the class she needed to return to her school here in Tucson. Not only did you tutor her through the class but you imparted to her your love of math. She now loves math and is very good at it and I credit you with a huge part of that.
– Connie Beck, Ella’s Mom


“Hi Lacie, I am emailing you to let you know of my progress in algebra at ACC. This semester I have taken three exams and four quizzes so far and all of them have been no lower than a 92%!!!!! Big news for me and I wanted to let you know that I could not have done that without you. I am positive your techniques are what helped me. It just stuck in my brain like I have been doing it for years! Thank you!!”
– Gloria Pinales, college student, College Algebra


“…I’m almost 100% sure (probability .975 :)) that your math instruction made Algebra make sense to me. Because of it, I was able to survive Algebra. I don’t know if you remember hearing me say that I’d never take more math than required for high school graduation—my mom teases me about this all the time. This year I took Calculus AB and I absolutely loved it. It was unlike any ever math I’d ever done before. I took the AP exam and made a 4. Thank you for giving me the confidence that I needed to get over my fear of math and just enjoy it. Thank you!!!”
–M, S., from card sent at graduation, was an MFK student as an 8th grader


“I have had three children make lasting transformations in their math worlds through Lacie’s programs. My 16 year old son said his mind felt awakened and he could perceive what was invisible to him before — in just a month of lessons raising his grade from a D to a B. They all 3 wish the tutors were their real school teachers because the effectiveness and thoroughness of meeting each child where they are in math acquisition was flawless and inspiring. Their ACT and SAT scores in math were great! We didn’t let money stop us and asked extended family members to help us afford this incredible knowledge Lacie brings to all ages — that is priceless.”
– Rosita Alvarez, parent of high school sophomore, Algebra 2


“Dear Lacie,
I want to thank you for what you did for Briana. She has transformed from being intimidated and frustrated with math to being an excellent math student. Briana took College Math in the Spring and received an A and now she is taking College Algebra, the 6 week summer course, and she has an A average going into the final. She also got accepted to St. Edwards! Needless to say, I am very proud of her. Your math program really worked for her and we are both very grateful. Briana now has a solid math foundation that will be with her for years to come. I think you cured her of a lifelong fear of math. How cool is that? Thank you!”
– Brad Fluke, parent of college student


“Just wanted to say thanks. The black cloud of “tutor anxiety” that rode with us all the way from Westlake and into your door evaporated very quickly after some face-to-face time with you. A palpable lift in attitude and confidence!”
parent of 8th grader, after the Info/ Assess Session


“Mac REALLY enjoyed working with you the other night. I was very taken with the difference in his demeanor between when I left you two and picked him up. He was genuinely having fun.”
– Susan McDowell, parent of 6th grader


“Fantastic…Jaymie learned a lot and we appreciate it very much. You are very good at teaching math. Thank you. Friends and relatives have noticed a big change in Jaymie’s over all confidence. I am so glad we found you!”…and…“She hopes teach Elementary school. I believe your math instruction was a stepping stone for her making that decision.”
– Kay Phillips, parent of college student


“…With such a different pattern of learning, Jake requires a creative and thoughtful approach. That’s why we love you! No one else has taken such an interest in Jake’s mastery of high school math and we truly appreciate it! …Thanks again Lacie. I don’t know where we would have found someone who cares as much as you do!”
– Kathy Block, parent of teen-aged college student


“I found the Math For Keeps program a couple years ago, by typing “My daughter hates math in Austin” into the search engine 🙂    But it took my daughter failing the 3rd grade TAKS test to motivate me to enroll her in the Math for Keeps program.  Even though she got good grades on her report card, she didn’t have a mastery on even the simplest concepts.  So every problem took much longer to finish than it should have.
I am amazed at how quickly my daughter’s attitude has turned around after just 4 months with Math for Keeps.  Lacie goes over at least 6 or 7 math concepts during each hour, so my daughter never gets bored.  Lacie varies the homework based on what concepts need to be reinforced without assigning so much it turns into drudgery.  My daughter never complains about going to tutoring!  She’s even been helping some of her friends with their long division.
The Math for Keeps program doesn’t rely on rote memorization – no rows of times tables or flash cards.   Each concept is introduced in its simplest form, followed by some practice with Lacie and again at home.  New variations are added only after each step is understood.  But the previous steps are always reviewed before moving forward.    That review is key to mastery.
Lacie has information sessions every month where she talks about her teaching philosophy and then works with the child to assess their “math number”, which is the number of micro-skills that the child has truly mastered.   So that is a great opportunity for parents to see for themselves what the program is all about.
Helping with 4th grade math homework has been SO pleasant this year.  I could go on, but I’ll just say that our daughter’s change in attitude toward math and her new confidence  is worth every penny”.
– Rebecca R. 


After a few months:
“It is so great to see Griffin enjoying math again! We have a good thing going now — he is enjoying math and we see great progress.”
After a few more months:
“…he enjoys you and has regained his love of math. That is huge!”
After TAKS prep:
“Griffin did great! He only got one wrong and got commended on all areas on the TAKS. Thanks for sharing your expertise and support!”
– Janet and Paul Smith, parents of 4th grader


“She had a major fraction test in Math and made a 100!!! She wanted to say thanks to you! She said she was lousy at fractions before she started working with you. Yeah!!”
– Sharon Kemp, parent of 7th grader


“I wanted you to know that Malcolm is doing great in math. He almost never needs help from us and he actually said ‘I hate to admit it but I actually kind of like long division.’ (!) Thanks so much for the lessons. It has made all the difference.”
– Kathy King, parent of 6th grader and reformed division-hater who did MFK as a 5th grader and is still reaping the benefits


“Thought you’d like to know… Just finished the daily practice test. Because of your help I earned a 100% on the Arithmetic Reasoning section and a 90% on the Mathematical Knowledge sub-set. This is progress!! Couldn’t have done it without you. Proof that your technique works. Thank you!”
– Tony Casati, mid-prep for ASVAB

“Good news all across the board! Combo was 95 percentile. All of the skills you taught me came in extremely handy. I was able to reason my way through problems that would otherwise have caused me grief and despair! THANK you Taylor.”
– Tony Casati again, from phone call just after taking the ASVAB test


“Thank you so much for encouraging Kathryn and giving her the tools to succeed at something that has been weighing her down for three years. You have a practical, inspiring, and light way of engaging her thatbypasses the frustration explosion that happens when I work with her. I’m so glad that we found you! THANK YOU!!!! I also will be passing your name to her teachers and to the school to recommend you for other struggling math students.”
6 weeks later…
“Kathryn’s teachers have reviewed her recent placement tests, and want to put her in 5th/6th grade math. Kathryn is SO excited to get that kind of acknowledgement of her accomplishment. Thank you for helping her get to this point. She even listed math as one of her “strengths” when her teacher asked. THANK YOU!”
– Misty Fisher, parent of 4th grader


“You really have a gift that will always be remembered long after Camille wows herself with her ability to enjoy and learn math. I am so grateful we found the right math tutor for Camille!”
1 year later…
“They are using a lot of fractions and boy are we glad she had you as a tutor. It has made a big difference! Thank you. We think you worked out so great for Camille for several reasons. You are a gentle and laid back personality that develops skill building through consistent drills and activities. It was also important for us that Camille have a young, attractive, interesting female mentor figure as she saw math people as male geeks.”
– Suzanne Akin, parent of 7th grader


NOW THIS IS WHAT YOU CALL PROGRESS!!! I’m writing to share some good news. I’ve been working on the same problem (practice Compass question) for the past few months [before I started working with you] and was never able to get a correct answer….so this morning I was doing some of your homework and something told me to try it again. Lo and behold……not only did I get the correct answer it took me all of a minute and a half to work it out, step by step! Thank you, Lacie, the sessions that I have with you are more important than you might realize…I wish someone had referred me to you a year ago and I could have saved some money and time.”
– Choria Womack, college student


Taylor Made Tutoring keeps my child a step ahead. Her math homework for school is no problem now, and her success with math brings her the confidence she needs to do well at everything. She’s not afraid of report cards any more. And she’s always excited about her time with Lacie!”
– Kara Remme, godmother and mentor of 5th grader


“My daughter started seeing Ms. Taylor this past August. We knew she needed extra help in math this year, in order to keep up and do well. She had some intensive catch-up sessions before and right after school started. Julia now sees Ms. Taylor once a week for tutoring. She is now making A’s in math and is very confident about all of her school work. Julia really enjoys working with Ms. Taylor and the homework re-enforces what they work on each week. Ms. Taylor also tracks to her teacher’s lessons. We are very pleased that Ms. Taylor was recommended to us. Julia wants to be a vet and needs to do well in science and math. This has given her the boost she needed.”
– Paula Nichols, parent of 6th grader


“I can’t believe it! I just got my first “A” on a college level math test! Since I began at ACC a year ago, I have always felt a little behind in my math classes, but I would struggle through and manage to pull off a “B” average. This test was totally different, so I’d say the tutoring is definitely paying off: I completed it in half the time and I felt like I knew what I was doing. I walked away from this last test knowing I did well, and you will not believe that feeling. It’s all thanks to the triage sessions I received right before the test. I really enjoyed working with Will, and the fact that I scored so high shows me that he really knew where to focus and what my weak areas were. Thanks so much Lacie!”
– Jessica Riley, ACC Trig student


“This is totally helping. I’m ahead in class and way more positive about math.”
– spontaneous, unsolicited comment from sophomore Algebra 1 student Dylan Sheddan


“Lacie is a phenomenal math teacher. Studying math with her is fun and everything I do with her is always challenging but do-able at the same time. Before I worked with Lacie, I was struggling in certain fundamental concepts that wouldn’t let me progress. After working with Lacie, things were a lot more solid in my mind. When I walked into my classroom on the first day of high school, I felt like I already knew what was going on, which was great because it was one less thing I had to worry about.
Margaret Azarmehr, Algebra student who did MFK for 2 months


“Lacie does not just help with math homework, she actually has a different way of approaching the material, so essentially it is like a turbo reteach of things your student has probably covered in another class but didn’t get. She has broken down all math components into small “do-able” pieces. Each week, students work on those small pieces, and then by the end of the month, your student will have put the small pieces back together in such a way that they really understand why they are doing what they are doing, will have improved and faster recall for some basic facts, and will be able to use those skills other environments. Margaret responded well to Lacie’s methodology. It provided a fabulous “math bridge” from Margaret’s middle school specializing in dyslexia to the college prep high school she got accepted into. Besides, Lacie is cool, so studying math with her is cool. How else could I have gotten my 13 year old to agree to math tutoring twice a week in the hottest summer Austin has ever had? Margaret actually looks forward to working Lacie! Now in high school, she is not just passing math, but she is making a 96 in Algebra I. In fact, this is her best and most solid subject! Who knows, maybe my girl could make it into an AP math class….”
Heather Azarmehr, parent of Algebra student who did MFK for 2 months


“I found out about Taylor-Made Tutoring not a moment too soon! I was one week into a short five-week statistics class and NOT doing well. In a panic, I emailed Math for Keeps on a Monday and 2 days later, I was meeting with a statistics tutor. My tutor, Yelena, jumped right in and began helping me right away. She faithfully showed up twice a week for the remainder of my class and patiently taught (and sometimes re-taught!) me what I needed to know. I was able to turn in all of my homework with confidence and ended up with a high A! I did the work myself, but Yelena was there to guide me and, surprisingly, it actually started to make sense. Her help was invaluable and worth every penny. I’m grateful to Lacie, Emily and Yelena for helping me through this class and also feel proud of myself for making it through!”
– Jen Jackson, college statistics student