Hear this!! This is relief-inspiring information! What you can measure, you can improve!

Find out where you stand in math.

  • At any given level, there is a finite and manageable number of skills that a student should have mastery of to really thrive in math at that level.
  • Your “Mastery Number” (formerly called Math Number) is how many of these top priority skills you have in the bag right now. (not how many you’ve been shown, but how many you’ve MASTERED.)
  • Schedule an assessment with me to find out your Mastery Number.  Email me: Lacie(at)mathforkeeps(dot)com
  • Unlike standardized tests, or tests graded on a curve, etc., this assessment I’ve created is SIMPLE and REAL measurement, that normal human beings can understand and make use of. It’s also interactive, customized, and designed to be a positive experience. Many a student has reported “that was fun!” after doing one.  For real. It’s a very powerful way to find out what’s holding you back from enjoying success in math.  Mastery Number Assessments (and Reassessments) are included in all of my programs but can also be purchased a la carte. Email me for pricing- it varies depending on the version we use, and… let’s connect first to make sure it’s a smart first step.  I do free phone consultations.  Email me to learn more: Lacie(at)mathforkeeps.com.
  • If your Mastery Number is lower than ideal, a) I can teach you how to (enjoyably!) raise it, and b) even if you don’t raise it, what a relief to know that there’s a good reason that you’re not thriving and it means ZERO about your aptitude or intelligence or capability.  With a higher Mastery Number, math INEVITABLY becomes faster, easier, and…kinda cool (really!) It will definitely be more enjoyable and less painful the higher your Mastery Number is.
  • It’s never too early or to late to get your Master Number.  If you’re “behind” (by school standards) in 3rd grade, e.g., it’s not always that big of a deal in real time, BUT can compound and become stressful to catch up later.  THIS IS AVOIDABLE by assessing young. On the other hand, the longer you wait and the more you’ve suffered, the more powerful your transformation can be, and I’ve done this work with adults who no longer even need a pesky math credit- they just do it for the transformation.  There are silver linings in all the scenarios. Your timing will be just right. 
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Wanna find out your
Math Number?

Email me: Lacie(at)mathforkeeps(dot)com. I can help determine if the assessment is a good first step.