Hear this!! This is relief-inspiring information! What you can measure, you can improve!

Find out where you stand in math.

  • At any given level, there is a finite and manageable number of skills that a student should have mastery of to really thrive in math at that level.
  • Your “Math Number” is how many of these top priority skills you have in the bag right now.
  • Schedule an assessment with me to find out your Math Number.  Email me: Lacie(at)mathforkeeps(dot)com
  • Unlike standardized tests, or tests graded on a curve, etc., this assessment I’ve created is SIMPLE and REAL measurement, that normal human beings can understand and make use of. It’s also interactive, customized, and designed to be a positive experience. Many a student has reported “that was fun!” after doing one.  For real. It’s a very powerful way to find out what’s holding you back from enjoying success in math.  Math Assessments are $450, or free with the purchase of my main program. Let’s talk first to make sure it’s a smart first step.  I do free phone consultations.  Email me to set up a time to talk: Lacie(at)mathforkeeps.com.
  • If your Math Number is lower than you’d like it to be, there are a few simple things you can do to get yours higher. Then math becomes faster, easier, and…kinda cool (really!)
  • Click here to learn more about the Math Number concept.
  • Learn about being ready for Algebra 1.
  • Learn about being ready for Algebra 2

Wanna find out your
Math Number?

Email me: Lacie(at)mathforkeeps(dot)com. I can help determine if the assessment is a good first step.