Do you have online programs?

Indeed I do! As of April 2020, MFK lessons are done remotely.  If you have a computer and high speed internet, you can work with me from anywhere. 

What's so special about your method?

My favorite question! Short answer: I teach you how to practice math. This is not something that is typically taught or whose importance is even appreciated in the school system or in most traditional tutoring situations.  If you’re intrigued and want to know more, check out the following blog posts of mine where I regale you with as many reasons as I can for why this is the most fun way for your brain to learn math (or piano or tennis or tap dancing,…)

  1. What Do I Mean by “Practice Math”? (video)
  2. Math and Happiness  – Three Part Series
  3. When is a C Worse Than an F?
Can I get a math credit by taking your course instead of my class at school?
Yes and no. My program is not accredited. However, once you have reached your Desired Math Number, you will be prepared to succeed in the relevant class, or to pass various tests that are available for course credit.  

Most of my clients use MFK as a supplement to their classroom experience. Just having the extra practice makes all the difference in the world. In situations where a student is very far behind, or is having an especially defeating experience learning math in the classroom (both are common, not your fault!), some clients opt to learn their math from me instead of the classroom.

I heard that your sessions are only 15 minutes. WHAAAAAT????? How?
  1. Remember we’re practicing micro-skills, not doing homework, etc
  2. I’m good at prioritizing. The Most Important Far-Reaching Things Only.  No fluff.
  3. I’m really good at efficiency.
  4. Less talking, more doing.
  5. Less explaining, more repeated exposure.
  6. If it’s short and sweet and easy, you’ll want to do it. The 15 minutes you enjoy is infinitely more productive than the hour you dread and have to muscle your way through.
  7. The more you enjoy it and want to do it, the more your brain is a LEARNING SPONGE.
That efficiency/ rigor stuff sounds regimented and cold.

It’s not. It’s very loving. Warm. Encouraging. Empowering. Healing.

My kid said he was willing to give up video games, screen time, etc. to do this. What could you possibly be doing in there?????

I’m showing him what his brain is capable of, through smart-not-hard practice. It’s actually addictive (dopamine hits) in the exact same way that video games are.