If you are learning math in this country in this century, chances are you have been taught math from a concept-based approach, not a skill-based one. Understanding concepts is the end goal, but it’s the language, the skill-piece of math, that really helps you get there and that is overlooked in schools. Skills are presented in schools but they are not taught to fluency. For that, practice is needed and students have not been taught how to practice math.

The Math For Keeps inside secret is nothing complicated. It’s so simple. It’s what pianists know. It’s what basketball players know. This approach to practicing math ensures that you GET IT, in a way that ensures functional use. Having functional use of a skill requires a different level of fluency than does mere conceptual understanding. Let me say that another way: it is possible to “get” a concept but still not be able to DO it effectively and efficiently. The latter takes time and practice. The MFK practice approach to learning math makes sure every new level of skills gets to that place where it feels intuitive, like you’ve been doing it your whole life. It’s all in how you practice it. MFK shows you exactly how to practice math. It makes each new level feel accessible and make sense.

If your A costs you hours and sleep-deprivation and frustration (and tears! anyone?), there is a better way!  Math For Keeps will teach it to you. It’s all about how to practice math in a way that is clean and efficient and with a worthwhile return on your practice investment. And for you A students who’s ego is cringing a little at the idea of outside math help, MFK is not tutoring! Think of me as your practice coach. Athletes who are the best of the best require the best coaches, coaches that will push them to reach their potential. While I am known more for catching up students who are multiple grade levels behind, Math For Keeps can often be a wise choice for A/B students and students eager to level up as well. We can schedule a phone visit to determine if it might be a good fit for you. If your good grade is coming at the expense of enjoyment, I promise you this is unnecessary.