Did you know you’re supposed to exercise your brain every day?  To protect against Alzheimer’s, memory loss, fatigue, depression, brain fog, …and to improve mental clarity, concentration and focus.  Practicing anything is a great way to strength-train your brain.  And practicing MATH has the added benefit of using a part of your brain that doesn’t otherwise get “lit up”.  It literally makes you a more well-rounded thinker and learner.

Have you read about brain plasticity?  I’m obsessed with it.  Practicing something is SO HEALTHY for your brain (AND your body and your mood and your self-esteem,….)  The popularity of brain-train apps such as lumosity and happify are a testament to people getting this.   Well, doing a Math For Keeps program is the ultimate brain gym.  It’s 100% customized to YOUR brain.  It satisfies the three requirements of any good brain exercise: novelty, variety, and challenge.

And it’s FUN.  Not like Schlitterbahn fun, but it seriously provides a satisfaction that that the brain equates with gooooood feelings.  And.. here’s what’s more: if you struggled with math as a student, then GETTING it (which I promise is possible with my method, no matter what your math story) is even MORE satisfying.  The brain loves to see itself get undeniably better at something that previously eluded it.

But Lacie, are you saying that I could practice math with you, as an ADULT? Even though I’m not in a math class and have no need for a math credit?

YES, YES, and YES!!

If I haven’t convinced you with the brain health argument, or if you really wouldn’t imagine using your discretionary time and income on MATH, here’s the punchline takeaway that you can have no matter what: your attitude towards math affects your kid’s attitude.  If you are one of us adults who had a crappy math experience (there are many of us!! No shame! Not your fault!), then even if you don’t ever rewrite your math story, know that you totally COULD.  It is possible. Just knowing that can help your optimism about your kid’s math experience.