You don’t get better by going to lessons, or to class. You get better by practicing what you are shown in those lessons. People don’t know how to do that. They get stuck. They might get accused of lacking discipline, but I don’t even think that. I think it’s that most of the time, they simple don’t know how to practice.  They aren’t sure what to do, so they stall out (how many of you have started and quit something like piano lessons?).
If they were shown exactly what to do (and it was simple and on-level and DO-able), and there were visible obvious results from it (so they knew it was WORTH it and they weren’t just wasting their time), then they would be more compelled to practice.
Yes, COMPELLED. That’s my goal. In math sessions with me, I’m your Practice Coach. And my aim is to create COMPULSION. The brain loves to get better at something. It loves to beat its previous best score. It’s why video games and apps can be so addictive. Just one more!!!
Come learn how to make learning anything, including MATH, addictive.