This blog post is especially for those of you who need to be ready for Algebra 2 sometime soon, so if you just finished Geometry and will take Algebra 2 next year, OR, even better, for if you just finished Algebra 1, because then there’s more time to prepare. (more time = less stress, more fun.)

(Click here to read about getting ready for Algebra 1.)

Here’s what happens: So often, students, even if they’re strong in math, start hitting a wall during the second semester of Algebra 1 (learn more here).  The material here is the cause of many a student’s downfall in math.  It’s a LOT of totally brand new material.  It comes at you very fast, without a lot of time to digest it, and it assumes complete mastery of semester 1 items, which is a lot to expect without a practice strategy like what we do in Lacie sessions.

Then students often take a year away from Algebra practice to take Geometry (there’s some algebra in geometry but not enough to keep the most important Algebra 2-ready skills fresh), and by the time they take Algebra 2, which assumes complete mastery of second semester Algebra 1 items, they’re not really set up for success at all.  And they probably had no idea, because their grade was probably “just fine”, maybe even great, in Algebra 1.

So now they’re in Algebra 2, and if they’re lucky, the struggle becomes evident early in the year, and so they seek help and if they’re lucky, they know about me and my unique practice-to-mastery approach which is more effective than tutoring, but at that point my job becomes very difficult because I have to go back and re-teach all that Algebra 1 stuff they didn’t get the first time around AND practice their current Algebra 2 skills with them, which—again—they’re not really set up to make much sense of without doing the former first.

All of this can be avoided by getting my practice-to-mastery method on Algebra 1 skills BEFORE taking Algebra 2.  By the way, these are also the skills a student needs mastery of to be ready for any kind of college entrance exam or placement test (ACT, SAT, PSAT, placement tests, College Algebra readiness,…) so making the investment to get them to fluency has far-reaching benefits.

If you’re reading this and you’re already IN Algebra 2, I recommend setting up a phone consultation with me. If I know the particulars of your situation, I can help steer you in the right direction (which might not be me at this point, but if I can help, I’ll let you know how on the call.)

Take away: it’s so worth it to do what it takes to get these 85 Top Priority Algebra skills under your belt, and sooner than later (ideally by the time you finish Algebra 1) because like I said, these skills don’t go away.  You’ll keep needing them, at least until you get your college math credit.  And once you have them, all of the things between here and there (your classes and also all those placement and college entrance exams) are way less stressful and more enjoyable and rewarding.


Contact me to learn how to find out if you’re ready to thrive in Algebra 2. (or to find out if you got everything you need from Algebra 1.)



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