Happy is most important! My whole practice method was developed on the premise that MOST of us (both “math-minded” and not) will end up frustrated by math trying to learn it with the minimal practice that is offered in the classroom. And not the healthy kind of frustration that comes as a natural part of learning, but a very defeating kind that makes us feel inept. This is not fair.

EVERYONE deserves to have a rewarding experience learning math. I aim with my practice-method to give that to my students, regardless of what they’re getting in the classroom. So while it may feel discouraging– those of you for whom your brain’s timeline is different than your school’s timeline– I hope that overall the message I am sending is ENCOURAGING.

The people I work with are FANTASTIC students (even if they’ve been made to believe otherwise). They work hard, they’re enthusiastic, they show up ready to learn, they WILL get this stuff, on the timeline that is perfect for their brains. My job, with the help of parents– we all work as a team– is to make sure that when this timeline is different from the school’s, as it sometimes is, that they don’t feel defeated. That if their enthusiasm for learning takes a hit, they know the reason and bounce back. 

This is an excerpt from Math and Happiness Part III. Click here to read the series.