What do you mean- Math Number?

Glad you asked!  (don’t worry- you’re not supposed to know this already.  The Math Number idea is something I made up to make this stuff easier to talk and strategize about).  So… Everyone has a Math Number!  It is the number of top priority skills, for a given level, that you have MASTERY of.  (NOTE: It is NOT the number of skills that you’ve been exposed to.  You will have been exposed to many skills in your academic career.  Your Math Number represents just the ones that you’ve practiced enough to have in the bag).

Every class has a Math Number associated with it that guarantees success in it: if you’re in an Algebra 1 class for example, and your Math Number is a 65, you WILL succeed in that class.  Guaranteed.  If your Math Number is lower than 65, it will be difficult to succeed in the class, EVEN IF YOU’RE TRYING YOUR BEST, simply because you don’t have the foundational skills required to support the new skills you’re being expected to learn.  While it’s almost impossible to really and truly thrive in a class who’s Math Number required for success is higher than the Math Number you possess at the time, it is entirely possible to raise your Math Number.  That is precisely what a practice-to-mastery method like the Math For Keeps one does.

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