Teach with Us!!

Now accepting applications for Travel Tutors for summer 2017 and beyond

What is a Travel Tutor?
A Travel Tutor is a tutor who travels to meet students enrolled in our Travel Tutor Program.  Meetings usually take place at a Hub, which is a public place selected by you, (usually a coffeeshop, sandwich, shop, library) though they may sometimes be in the student’s home.  We match you with a student who is a good fit for you, and then you make your own schedule.

What is the time commitment?
In order to be a Travel Tutor, you should be able and willing to tutor at least 5-7 hours per week, and usually up to 10-15 (though it takes time to build up your clientele to this latter number).  The number of students you have may vary.  Most students meet 1-2 hours per week.  You should be able to meet with each of your students at least weekly (4 hours per month).

What is the pay?
Starting rate for Travel Tutors is $20 per hour.  We offer regular performance incentives.  Our most experienced tutors earn much more.

What are the perks?
Well!  I’m glad you asked.  As someone who started out tutoring through other tutoring agencies, I can say that I wish something like this existed then.  Our pay is better, our support is better, our team and camaraderie is better and we have…(drum roll)…The Kit!!!

The Kit is a collection of portable teaching materials that I’ve made for you so you don’t have to.  The key to helping kids excel at math is building their skills, not just holding their hand through a homework problem.  In order to do this, you have to have a bank of practice problems like the problem they’re currently struggling with.  The Kit has plenty of practice problems of the types that students are most likely to have as their weak spots.

Besides that, if you’ve ever tried getting tutoring gigs on your own, you know how much time you can spend trying to market yourself, price yourself, sell yourself, field calls, deal with cancellations, do invoices, get paid, etc.  With the Travel Tutor Program, we do all of that for you.  We have an outstanding reputation and the most wonderful clients.  We can keep you booked up with committed students as long as you’re kicking ass and getting results. It is such a relief to be able to just show up and do what you’re good at—teach math!

What qualifications should I meet to become a Travel Tutor?
1. be fun, energetic, confident, a decision-maker, a self-starter, and a people person
2. be very organized, able to keep a calendar and stay on top of a variety of tasks and appointments
3. be passionate about teaching, about math, about teaching math
4. have smiles and empathy- be able to put people at ease.
5. have strong math-teaching skills (this is an entirely different skill-set than strong math skills)
6. have at least 75 hours of formal teaching or tutoring experience in elementary/ middle school math curricula (basic math, pre-algebra, algebra 1) and/or middle/ high school math curricula (pre-algebra, algebra 1, geometry, algebra 2, precal/ trig, calculus AB)
7. have a car and be able to drive in and around Austin
8. be able to tutor 5+ hours a week (not including drive time)
9. be able to commit to at least a semester at a time, preferably a year at a time
10. be an excellent math teacher and know it
**Bonus if you’re a math-loving musician or artist or athlete or such (you know, for cool cred with the kiddos)
What do I do to get started?
Download an application, fill it out and email it to lacie@mathforkeeps.com.  Then I’ll tell you what all other hoops I want you to jump through!  (I’m serious. It’s a lot, but it’s fun and important stuff.  We vet our applicants SCRUTINOUSLY.  You are more than mere tutors here at Math For Keeps.  You are learning specialists, educators, and you become part of the family–part of the family of fellow educators and part of the families of the students you teach.)

NOTE: Please do not send an application unless you meet all 10 of the above criteria.