Y’all!!!! Check it: If you practice math over the summer, then your 2019-20 school year WILL be easier. Like, it just will be.

When you take a break from skills that aren’t safely “in the bag”, you will lose some progress on them. It’s just the way the brain works. If you’re a kid, and you don’t know this is how your brain works, you may think there’s something wrong with you when your class does the inevitable math review in the fall. Things will look familiar, like you should know them. And if you don’t, then you feel bad. No fun.

Lacie sessions — that’s sessions with me, Lacie 🙂 — are not tutoring. They are practice sessions, and I’m your coach. I use a unique practice-method that makes math stick. This method makes for happy brains! It’s fun because it works. Humans like to see their brains get undeniably better at something, even if it’s a subject they might not be crazy about.


Next Action is call or email me! Right now! Time is of the essence! Spots are few and going quick. You can even text me — whatever’s the easiest next action to get the ball rolling. I can help you make a plan!

PS I’m also booking fall 2019. Yes, already! It’s weirdly upon us. Blink of an eye. Click here for how to get started.