MFK Summer Skill Boosters

Add EASE to the math you’ll have to do in the fall. When you take a break from skills that aren’t safely “in the bag”, you will lose some progress on them. It’s just the way the brain works. If you’re a kid, and you don’t know this is how your brain works, you may think there’s something wrong with you when your class does the inevitable math review in the fall. Things will look familiar, like you should know them. And if you don’t, then you feel bad. No fun.

In these Skill Boosters, we will:

a) Give your brain some exposure to a few Most Important math skills, so they’re closer to being in the bag. AND
b) Share some tips about how your brain works so that when you don’t have a skill at the ready, you know why, and you know the simple thing (starts with a “P”) it takes to get it there.

Skill Booster Camps are for students, 4th grade rising through college-bound, who want to start the fall with more confidence in math. You can read all about my practice-method, and how it’s different from tutoring, over at my blog. These camps are a great way to sample it first-hand!

These are offered throughout the summer at the MFK Headquarters in Hyde Park. Email me with “Summer Interest” in the subject line and I’ll send you earlybird details.