Hear this!! This is relief-inspiring information! What you can measure, you can improve!

Find out where you stand in math.

  • At any given level, there is a finite and manageable number of skills that a student should have mastery of to really thrive in math at that level.
  • Your “Math Number” is how many of these top priority skills you have in the bag right now.
  • Come to a Math Number Night to find out your Math Number.
  • Unlike standardized tests, or tests graded on a curve, etc., this assessment I’ve created is SIMPLE and REAL measurement, that normal human beings can understand and make use of. It’s also fun (really- students’ words!), interactive, and customized. It’s a very powerful way to find out what’s holding you back from enjoying success in math. And it’s FREE if you come to a Math Number Night (you can also make an appointment for $250.)
  • If your Math Number is lower than you’d like it to be, there are a few simple things you can do to get yours higher. Then math becomes faster, easier, and…kinda cool (really!)
  • Click here to learn more about the Math Number concept.
  • Learn about being ready for Algebra 1.
  • Learn about being ready for Algebra 2

Wanna find out your
Math Number?

Come to a Math Number Night! Tell me a little about you by filling out this form, and I’ll pencil you in and be in touch about details.  (This doesn’t commit you to anything- just an expression of interest.)

Wed 9/18 5:45-7:15 (booked, waitlist available)

Tue 9/24 5:45-7:15 (1 spot available)

Thu 10/17 5:45-7:15 (3 spots available)

Have more than 1 student to assess? (Math Number Nights are great for siblings and friends to attend as well!) Add them in the “Additional Students” field at the bottom of the RSVP form. If there’s space, I can assess them too.

Don’t see a date and time here that work for you?  Let me know- let’s work something out!

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