Where in the world are you?

In person sessions are held in Hyde Park, central Austin, TX, about 20 short blocks north of the main UT campus.  Online sessions, available as of April 2020, can happen from wherever you happen to be Stay-at-Homing. 

Do you have online programs?

Indeed I do! As of April 2020, MFK lessons are done remotely.  If you have a computer and high speed internet, you can work with me from anywhere. 

How much does it cost?


Tuition for my signature program, a Math Number Plan, starts at $4200 for a 12-week course. I also have a semester-long course and a year-long course, with installment payment plans available.  This is a holistic program that will completely transform your relationship with math, and with learning overall. It is especially good for students with learning challenges (such as dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, ADHD, non-verbal learning disorder, processing disorders…) and also for students who are just really struggling in the classroom, even A/B students (it is common for an A to come at the expense of enjoyment, and this is so unnecessary!). This signature program is a game changer. It will change what you thought was true about your brain and how it learns.  I also have Boot Camps and Samplers, which I can tell you more about when we talk.

The first step is to come to a Math Number Talk.  Here, I will personally assess you, explain all of the options more thoroughly, and make a customized recommendation for the program that’s best for you and your personal goals.


What's so special about your method?


My favorite question! Short answer: I teach you how to practice math. This is not something that is typically taught or whose importance is even appreciated in the school system or in most traditional tutoring situations.  If you’re intrigued and want to know more (but you’re not quite ready to come to a Math Number Talk), check out the following blog posts of mine where I regale you with as many reasons as I can for why this is the most fun way for your brain to learn math.

  1. What Do I Mean by “Practice Math”? (video)
  2. Math and Happiness  – Three Part Series
  3. When is a C Worse Than an F?
Can I get a math credit by taking your course instead of my class at school?

Yes and no. My class is not accredited. However, once you have reached your Desired Math Number, you will be prepared to pass various tests or classes that are available for course credit.  These vary from school to school and include things like CLEP, TSI, Credit by Exam (required for most public schools and offered through them or through UT), ISEE (required for most private schools), etc.

How do I get into your year-long program?

There is an application process for this one. It’s a cool and educational process and will help us both determine if this is a DREAM FIT. When we all know for sure that it is a dream fit, spending a year together will be a blast.  First step is to email me so we can set up a phone consultation: lacie(at)mathforkeeps.com.