Is Math Hard?

“Many of us think that math is hard, but, as Cheng makes clear, math is actually designed to make difficult things easier.” I read this on the book jacket of one of my Christmas presents, How to Bake Pi: An Edible Exploration of the Mathematics of Mathematics by... read more

Grades Schmrades

Grades can be a misleading way to know if your learner knows the material. Maybe they got extra points for attending office hours, maybe the test was graded on a curve, maybe they crammed and knew the material in that snapshot of time, but do not have lasting mastery... read more

I Fell in Love Again

Well, I fell in love again… with the annual We Are Girls Conference.  It happens every November, and is the most wonderful event, with the loveliest most empowering messages for young women and girls.  I get weepy thrills just walking through the doors every... read more

When is a C Worse Than an F?

So you’ve just gotten your report card, or your latest test, and… you passed!!!!  Hooray!!  By the skin of your teeth, you passed. Now you never have to worry about that stuff again…right?  Wrong!  In math, that’s rarely the case.  Every layer of skills is setting you... read more

What’s the Best Way to Empower a Student?

The Math For Keeps practice-to-mastery method builds in early successes. Success begets success and an upward spiral ensues.  Kids (and grown-ups!) LOVE seeing themselves get undeniably better at something, even if it’s something they might not think they care... read more

How Is a Math Number Assessment Different?

This (non-) test will set your learner up for success in school this year. And it’s FREE! Is your learner ready to succeed in math this year?  Math For Keeps does free customized assessments to help you determine if they are ready to learn the new things they’ll... read more

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