MFK Glossary Week: Spaced Repetition

Yo.  What is Spaced Repetition?  I like to describe it like this: it’s when you rope a skill back into your orbit right before you’re about to lose it.  You space your practice of skills so that they’re always timed as close to that about-to-lose it point as... read more

What’s the Difference Between MFK and Tutoring?

How is MFK different from tutoring?  Let me count the ways.  Here’s one… I can’t pretend to know what all tutors out there do but I can tell you what I used to do before I zeroed in on this method.  I showed my students Way. Too. Much. Stuff. I showed them the Way Too... read more

Math For Keeps Manifesto

Math For Keeps MANIFESTO At Math For Keeps, I describe skill fluency using a Math Number—this is a number representation of the skills you have in the bag. It is NOT the number of skills you’ve been shown. Being shown a skill and being given opportunity and guidance... read more

Sneak Peak Summer Skill Boosters

About Summer Skill Boosters: All Math For Keeps programs are designed as an alternative to traditional math tutoring by building your skills rather than just helping you with your homework. Our Summer Skill Boosters are a great way to sample this approach. You will... read more

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