Hi I’ve missed you!! Sorry for the radio silence. My Summer Skill Boosters started a few weeks ago. They’re fully booked, they’re keeping me on my toes, and they are So. Much. Fun. Structurally, they’re pretty much the exact opposite of my Big Program that I do throughout the rest of the year (and that I’m still doing now too, along with the Boosters). They’re fast and busy and intense and–what did I call them in the spring when I was trying to allure you with them–ah yes: “short sweet little nuggets of learning efficiency”. Hee.
They’re inspiring an idea for a new offering. Boot Camps. That are offered throughout the year, not just Summer. Even though I believe my Big Program is the way to totally transform your relationship with math, not everyone can make the full Math Number Program happen. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t other ways to experience this method. So! Boot Camps! More on that idea soon.

Meanwhile, here’s what Hellen Pennell told me on the last day of camp about her daughter’s Skill Booster experience: “Every day she gets in the car after camp and says“that was so fun!”” Eeeeee!!! I live for quotes like these!! Thanks, A.P.– I feel the same way!

P.S.  Can math be so fun this year and not a total drag? I know how to make sure it’s the former- come to one of these and I’ll ‘splain you the big secret. The one this Wed still has space in it. (these are free.)