This (non-) test will set your learner up for success in school this year. And it’s FREE!

Is your learner ready to succeed in math this year?  Math For Keeps does free customized assessments to help you determine if they are ready to learn the new things they’ll be expected to learn this year.
We know that if there’s one thing schools have in abundance these days it’s testing! But are the tests your students taking really telling you what you need to know? Do they inform you in a way that helps you set your learner up for success?
4 Ways The MFK Math Number Assessment is Different From Any Other Test You’ll Ever Take:
1. It’s an assessment, NOT a test. There’s no passing or failing with our assessment; it’s simply a customized, objective, diagnostic tool of what skills your student has mastered. 
2. It’s one-on-one and interactive. Our assessments are done one-on-one with only a small written portion. The bulk of our assessment is done out loud, interview-style. This lets us see not only how well a student knows a skill, but also how confident they are in that knowledge, as well as how quick and fluent they are. It helps us test actual knowledge, cutting through mistakes from careless errors, guessing, and test anxiety.
3. It tests for which skills are truly Mastered (and highlights the ones that still need work.) Our Math Number System tells you where your student is today, and where they need to be to survive and thrive in their grade level and beyond.  The assessment style accurately pinpoints exactly which microskills a student has mastered and which ones they still need to work on. 
Whether you’re shopping for outside math help, or just want to make the most out of the upcoming semester, the start of the school year is the perfect time to get an assessment and know exactly where your student stands. Don’t let small foundational gaps now become learning chasms later!