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Creativity & Learning & Brain Hacks Oh My… (Part 2 of 2!)

Howdy! Last week I was talking about how absolutely inspiring and amazing it is to watch a human go from not being able to do something to…(bippity boppity boo)… being able to do it! It is pretty much the coolest thing EVER. Here are 4 key things I have noticed...
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Creativity and Learning and Brain Hacks, Oh My… (Part 1 of 2)

Hi my people! I’ve been travelling and retreating and wanna write you a good old-fashioned letter to catch up. Pretend this is handwriting on that stuff called paper. Sometimes people think my job is super left-brained because it’s MATH after all and because I’m all...
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How do you get better at something (piano, tennis, math,…)?

You don’t get better by going to lessons, or to class. You get better by practicing what you are shown in those lessons. People don’t know how to do that. They get stuck. They might get accused of lacking discipline, but I don’t even think that. I think it’s...
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How to Make Your Math Class This Year a Pleasure Not a Pain.

Y’all it’s Back to School Month already! Man, this summer was like a blink. But it’s not over yet! Still a few weeks for swimmin’ and barbecuein’ …and math-assessin! I can assess your math skills and tell you how ready for your math class you are. Then I can give you...
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MFK Glossary Week: Spaced Repetition

Yo.  What is Spaced Repetition?  I like to describe it like this: it’s when you rope a skill back into your orbit right before you’re about to lose it.  You space your practice of skills so that they’re always timed as close to that about-to-lose it point as...
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