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Math For Keeps Manifesto

Math For Keeps MANIFESTO At Math For Keeps, I describe skill fluency using a Math Number—this is a number representation of the skills you have in the bag. It is NOT the number of skills you’ve been shown. Being shown a skill and being given opportunity and guidance...
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Sneak Peak Summer Skill Boosters

About Summer Skill Boosters: All Math For Keeps programs are designed as an alternative to traditional math tutoring by building your skills rather than just helping you with your homework. Our Summer Skill Boosters are a great way to sample this approach. You will...
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Summer. Math. Brains. Happy.

Y’all!!!! Check it: If you practice math over the summer, then your 2017-18 school year WILL be easier. Like, it just will be.  Lacie sessions — that’s sessions with me, Lacie 🙂 — are not tutoring. They are practice sessions, and I’m your coach. I...
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Summer Skill Boosters! Be the First to Know When Enrollment Opens.

Statistics show that students lose about two months of grade level equivalency in math skills every summer. Don’t lose 2 months worth of hard-earned skills- that’s insane! About Summer Skill Boosters: They’ll keep this craziness from happening. They’re coming...
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Summer Skill Boosters Coming Soon!

Yay it’s Spring Break! Now let’s talk about Summer! Summer is THE best time to practice your math trouble spots from the previous school year. With no school homework to compete with and no tests to worry about, we can focus on what you really need, and do it in a way...
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