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What makes us unique? Check out this interview founder Lacie Taylor did on KXAN:

Math for Keeps – What makes us special:

Every student has a Math Number- the number representation of the skills they have MASTERY of.

Every class has a Math Number associated with it that will ENSURE a successful experience in that class.

It is very common for a student to eventually end up in a math class in which it is impossible for them to have a successful experience, NO MATTER HOW HARD THEY TRY, simply because they haven’t MASTERED the foundational skills required to support the new skills they’re being expected to learn.

While it is practically impossible to thrive in a math class when you don’t have the Math Number associated with guaranteed success in that class, it IS entirely possible to get your Math Number higher.

Math For Keeps is the GUARANTEED program for PRACTICING math in a way that gets your Math Number higher.

Come to one of our FREE Math Talk nights to get your Math Number and hear more about this tried-and-true method for learning Math…For Keeps.

Contact Lacie or Emily to reserve your spot.

*NOTE: this is NOT the number of skills a student has been exposed to; being shown something, and being given the opportunity, instruction and guidance to practice that something to MASTERY are entirely different things.

A word from a MFK graduate

“Lacie is a phenomenal math teacher. Before I worked with Lacie, I was struggling in certain fundamental concepts that wouldn’t let me progress. After working with Lacie, things were a lot more solid in my mind. When I walked into my classroom on the first day of high school, I felt like I already knew what was going on.” 

- Margaret Azarmehr, Algebra student 

“Lacie does not just help with math homework, she actually has a different way of approaching the material, it’s like a turbo reteach of things your student has covered in another class but didn’t get. She has broken down all math components into small “do-able” pieces. Your student will learn in such a way that they understand why they’re doing what they’re doing, will have improved and faster recall, and be able to use those skills in other environments. Lacie’s methodology provided a fabulous “math bridge” from Margaret’s middle school to her college prep high school. Besides, Lacie is cool, so studying math with her is cool. Margaret actually looks forward to working Lacie! Now in high school, she is not just passing math, but she is making a 96 in Algebra I.”

- Heather Azarmehr, Margaret’s mom

Don’t forget – we have a referral program! If you refer someone, we’ll give you $100 – and they’ll get a $50 credit (Taylor-Made Tutoring, our Austin math tutors) or a $100 credit (Math for Keeps).