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How to Make Your Math Class This Year a Pleasure Not a Pain.

Y’all it’s Back to School Month already! Man, this summer was like a blink. But it’s not over yet! Still a few weeks for swimmin’ and barbecuein’ …and math-assessin! I can assess your math skills and tell you how ready for your math class you are. Then I can give you...
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MFK Glossary Week: Spaced Repetition

Yo.  What is Spaced Repetition?  I like to describe it like this: it’s when you rope a skill back into your orbit right before you’re about to lose it.  You space your practice of skills so that they’re always timed as close to that about-to-lose it point as...
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Every Day She Gets in the Car After Camp and Says “That Was so Fun!”

Hi I’ve missed you!! Sorry for the radio silence. My Summer Skill Boosters started a few weeks ago. They’re fully booked, they’re keeping me on my toes, and they are So. Much. Fun. Structurally, they’re pretty much the exact opposite of my Big Program that I do...
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What’s the Difference Between MFK and Tutoring?

How is MFK different from tutoring?  Let me count the ways.  Here’s one… I can’t pretend to know what all tutors out there do but I can tell you what I used to do before I zeroed in on this method.  I showed my students Way. Too. Much. Stuff. I showed them the Way Too...
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Algebra 2, Ready or not, here I come! (or How to Survive Algebra 2)

This blog post is especially for those of you who just finished Geometry, and will take Algebra 2 next year, AND… if that’s not you, keep reading anyway because it probably will be someday!! (Click here to read about getting ready for Algebra 1.) Here’s what happens:...
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